Our cast:

These are the names and images of people that will and have regularly appear, people who have either shaped my life irrevocably or have somewhat wandered into our personal airspace and haven’t been able to shake the gravitational pull.  either way, this is my family – the ones that, if you jacked with them, I would find you, fuck you doggystyle, and shit in your parent’s bed.


I’m a simple man from a simpler time, where women were our concubines in name only and where drugs and money flowed freely through the streets of ghetto and suburbia alike, embracing people of all nations, creeds, colors and sexual orientation into her fantastic bosom.

I’m the oldest of six (all boys) and my mother is crazy.  It’s that psychosis – maybe, not so much in name only – that prompts me to evaluate my capacity as a father, to really pay attention to my ability to determine whether I’m building on a natural talent or simply coasting along as I’ve done with almost everything else in my life.


My daughter and quite literally one of the coolest people I know.

Kids turn so many corners so quickly, it’s like East Germany.  But she’s developing into such an amazing little person and it’s been so fun being her Dad.  She’s smart, witty, curious, energetic, willful, and so very loving… I only hope I can encourage those qualities and help her develop as best as she can.


My girlfriend, she of the Northeasterly Route by way of SoCal.  It’s a long story.  Basically, after Ivonne and I split, Sarah and I turned around from our own shipwrecks and saw each other on the desert island we thought might actually be uninhabited.  Mother. Fucking. Lucky.  That’s what we are.  She’s been my friend for 15 years, and my girl for 9 months.  Here we go.


My ex-wife, mother of my child, and – I’m sure of it – one of my best friends. Or will be.  We’re … still trying to get there.  We have a lot of unpacking to do and while I’m not quite sure our garage will ever be clean, we can have multi-family holidays and do so without doing elbow-bombs from the table tops onto each other, so that’s gotta be something.  I’ll take it, for damn sure:  Reza needs both her parents and she needs them something fierce.  Ivonne is a phenomenal mother and I’m not a bad dad myself:  We’ve got a responsibility to teach this child that all relationships evolve and that evolution can be cataclysmic.  The best kinds, if you ask me.


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