–  I’m sleepy.

+  I just had some tea, so maybe that’ll change.

+  I’ve been writing more.  It really is a muscle that needs to be worked to feel confidence in my abilities.  I’ll get there.

+  Ditched Facebook.  Not gonna lie, been back to be narcissistic a bit, but other than that, bye bye birdie.

–  Facebook really is an addiction.  I’ve found myself getting anxious because I’m not scrolling through the bullshit.  How weird is that?  It just becomes so ingrained and we pour it down our throats of our own accord.  I hereby rebel.

–  Reza’s growing up too fast.

+  Reza’s turning a personality corner and it’s pretty awesome.  Her relationship with her Mom has bloomed and it’s a beautiful thing to see.  She’s still – and will always be – opinionated and spunky, but shit if she’s not smart as a slap to the ass.

–  Money is tight and that makes for a bit of added stress.  Nothing we can’t handle, but lots of shit out of the blue.  We’re good about buckling down when we need to and this is one of those times.  All good, though, and that’s no lie.

+  Excited for the girls to head to San Diego in July.  I know it never goes as planned, but the ends justify the means if that means Reza and Ivonne can spend time with Bee and Ivonne’s parents.  They adore Reza – but will hate her haircut!  yeah! – and Reza needs that exposure.

–  Reza is having issues coming to grips with her heritage.  I realize it bums Ivonne out, but she’s not doing it on purpose – she’s doing it because she has no reference, no correlation to the importance of her heritage.  That’s something that both Ivonne and I failed to do.  With more exposure to her heritage comes pride in it – and that needs to be addressed stat.

+  We are peaceful right now and I couldn’t be happier with that.  Ivonne and I need more time together, but we’re kinda dependent on each other, so that’s nothing new.  But I like peaceful.  Peaceful is happiness in tangible form.

–  I just realize these +/- posts are very much like long-form Facebook updates.  Hmm.  Is it laziness or convenience?

+  Passport application submitted.  That needed to be done in a big way, simply because you gotta get back in to Mexico somehow, and frankly – I need to get out of the country on vacation like NOW.

+  Istanbul, anyone?

+  Or Japan?

+  Or Paris?

+  Or Iceland?

+  Or Yosemite?  (I SEE YOU, LOGIC FLAW)

–  Gotta wait ’til shit calms down here, first.  Hopefully I can jet down to San Diego when the girls go.  I shall + that part.

+  Girls in 20.  Hopefully my lady is wearing slutty underwear.  To bed Reza!  To bed!

–  Shit!  Forgot to do Prelims!  Back to work!


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