Music is giving me life these days. So much good shit that I’ve opened myself up to recently or rediscovered; it’s only served to create deeper connections and introspection than otherwise, I think. I wasn’t sure what I was going to dive into, but there it is. I shouldn’t have been surprised.

36 – Fade to Grey

ASC & SAM KDC – Decayed Society

Morrissey – Bona Drag / Viva Hate

Wanderwelle – Lost in a Sea of Trees

ASC – The Outer Limits

Autechre – NTS Session #4 / Chiastic Slide

Warmth – Parallel Remixed

Talvin Singh – OK / HA

BØRNS – Dopamine (I blame Sarah.)

Lo Moon – This Is It / For Me It’s You (single)

Depeche Mode – Songs of Faith and Devotion / Ultra

Gunship – Dark All Day / Gunship

My Brightest Diamond – A Million and One (Also Sarah’s fault)

INXS – Live Baby Live

All over the place, I admit, but take a look around; maybe instead of giving me life, it’s simply being sung.

Tom asked me today how my headspace was and I wasn’t exactly truthful: I had to temper a few things. Later. I’m heading out to see him in March and it will be much needed.


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