Yeah, so, lots of school related posts are coming.  I can feel that shit like my intestines after the holidays.

OK, so the first term is scheduled.  English 1011 and a one-week orientation that officially start on Monday of next week, then two classes scheduled to begin in March – another credited ASU-related class and a Geography course to fulfill the social/cultural general requirements.

I am way fucking nervous but fuck it.  Here we go.

In other news, I took this Accuplacer test yesterday right?  Max grade was an eight.  I scored a six.  First, I’m pissed about that; I should have done better.  Second, I set myself up for a bit of disappointment in that I thought there was a mid-level course for which one would qualify if they didn’t achieve the perfect score required to get into the 105 class straight out of the gate.  Nope.  Go to 101, motherfucker. Bust.

So, lesson learned.  This is why you’re going to school, asshole.  You don’t know it all.  Yet.

Good news is that I found out my work has a pretty robust reimbursement program.  Gonna take advantage of that like whoa.

That’s it for now.  I actually have to do some real studying now.

You believe that shit?

It’s rad as fuck.

  1. which still bugs, but I’ll get to that in a minute []

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