• Not gonna lie, I’m really happy to be home.  My mom asked if Japan was a place I could live, and I know I could, sure, but this is home and it always will be.  There’s a reason why I pined for San Diego all those years I was away.  Of course, visiting places, being away for a while makes you long to return – and I took it for granted once.  Never doing that again.
  • I’m thankful that I learned a very valuable lesson tonight:  I suck at seasoning shit in a pressure cooker.  The fucking pot roast I cooked tonight tasted like a Shawshank Special, and I’ve got a Broccoli Beef Chinese dish on the horizon.  That better fucking work, or I’m going to… be grateful that I have something to eat, won’t I, JC?  That’s right.
  • I’m thankful for Trader Joes at 9:00 AM.  That shit is fucking tight.
  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to get back on the physical activity horse with a bit of yoga tomorrow morning.  I’ve gotta get back in the habit – with additional instances – to start seeing more results.  Believe it or not, I’ve got joining a gym in my head.  I’m pretty close.  Glad that I can say that, too.
  • I’m thankful for my cats.  Dude, these michos are something else.  Gomez has been all up on my shit today and Judas finally figured out I was home during that hour of non-stop-headbutting.  Pinche mujer.  Sometimes I feel that they didn’t bond with me that much, and when I’m the only one around, they’ll take what they can get… but I feel the love.  It’s pretty rad.
  • I’m grateful for clean clothes, although I haven’t folded them  yet.  Tomorrow.
  • Oh, I’m super stoked that I found someone that can fix my headphones; gonna see if I can drop those off tomorrow to get them fixed.
  • I’m super glad that I had a quick opportunity to FaceTime with Ivonne and Reza today.  I miss their faces.
  • And finally tonight, I’m grateful for what I hope with all fibers of being will be a good night’s sleep.  I’m going to accentuate nature’s process in a few ways to ensure said slumber, and yes:  It’s gonna be fucking taaaaasty.

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